Sunday, July 14, 2013

And yes, I am still writing

I just had to get the legal fuss off my mind before I could write about writing.

Yep, I am writing. I am finishing one book, have edits to do on another, have sold another one, and re-written another. Sounds like I've been busy and I have: conference appearances, workshops, and, well, life.

It's hard to juggle it all, but it can be done. I've found a marvelous way to get a lot of writing done:

I take my ancient laptop with no WiFi and I go to another room (right now it's the porch because the weather is fabulous) and I sit and I write. No distractions. Just writing.

Sometimes the best way to think outside the box is to get outside the box, get outside your comfort zone. You might be surprised what you find there when you do.

Thoughts on the Florida legal crap

I'm thoroughly peeved by the whole Martin/Zimmerman hullabaloo, and you know why?

We do not have the facts. No matter what you read in the paper, the way the law works, the FACTS are what is presented in court. It's not what you read on Huff-Po or heard on Fox. It's not what you read in the New York Times. All of those media outlets have a slant no matter how they try to make it look like they don't have one.

The facts are what is presented in court, and the facts are what the jurors take and use to make their decision. I wasn't there and I didn't listen to testimony. I didn't hear what was presented to them. So I have no idea what they heard that made them come to the decision they did.

But they did their jobs. They were handed a case, they followed the rules of the court (at least I assume they did. If they didn't, then the court should have reprimanded them and handled it). And they came in with a Not Guilty verdict.

It doesn't matter what you think -- the jurors did what they were charged with doing. Was it a travesty of justice? Maybe, but our courts don't care about justice. They care about the law.

Okay. Enough soapbox for now. I'm just getting tired of all the pontificating about injustice. This wasn't injustice. This was the American legal system at work.

Live with it.