Thursday, May 25, 2017

I really have no excuse

yeah, I've been busy. I was out of town for a week, helping a friend recover from surgery and it was hard to get any writing done (although I did get some dictation done during my drive to and from her place)

And yeah, I'm working. Same old deadlines at the Day Job, some of which are challenging.

And I am on track to meet my deadline. I have about 6 chapters to go and a month to do it.  I really didn't start this book until February, so 5 months for 120,000 words isn't bad.

So why do I always feel like I'm lagging behind?  I think it's because this book has been tough to write because it's the Political book, the one where we start to think about a new government, and my brain hurts from thinking about it.

You'll hear a big sigh of relief on July 1 when I finish.

She said hopefully....