Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catchy goals

I think most goals are too laborious ("lose 25 pounds by Joannie's wedding") and are focused on fixing what is negative, rather than focus on what might be positive.

So I spun it up a bit this year and now here are my goals:
  • Eat right. If I eat right, I'll lose weight, get healthy, and stay healthy. I like to exercise so I don't need to add that in. I will exercise. Now I just have hum loudly while I walk by Dairy Queen.
  • Write daily. I need to get back into the habit of writing, of working on my writing. I lost the habit when I had to focus on unpleasant things (lawsuit, etc.) Time to get back to writing.
  • Daily promo. I hate promotion, so if I do a bit every day, I'll be done with it. I don't need it to interfere with my writing or my life. Just do one bit a day and done.
 So far, so good. 20 days into the month, and I've kept my resolutions.

Now for the other 345 days....