Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Crazy times!

It's been 6 months since I've been here -- crazy!

Okay, let's see: January-March, I was in the time suck of event planning. The event went off with few hitches on March 5.

Then I went to California to be with my sis after her mastectomy. Came home and packed again and flew out to Pennsylvania to be with my husband, when his mother died.

A week later, came home, had a few days of relaxation, then I got a massive case of food poisoning that laid me low for about a week.

Then it was April! Busy time at work and in the garden and before you know it, I turned around, and here it is: May.

I'm working on Book 7 of the Dream series (but oh, it's slow going: so many interruptions).

I have a new book coming out with The Wild Rose Press this fall (Dogged).

I'm taking a major road trip to deliver furniture to a niece in Colorado (downsizing!)

And in between, I'm trying some promo experiments.

So yes: writing continues in between everything else!