Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Writing in between ... holidays

I set a goal for myself to finish my 3-book series by the end of 2013. I had one book done, 1/2 of another finished, and one to write. On September 1, I cleared my desk and started to write.

And I did it. 150,000 words in 102 days. And they're good words, too. No crap there. I may need to tweak a bit when I edit, but I'm pleased.

I worked around several holidays, birthdays, visits from family, trips out of town. I noted only days I wrote (102).

You know how I did it?


Butt In Chair, Hands on Keyboard.

I focused and I knuckled down and I did it. It really helped to set a deadline for myself, so I'm doing that from now on with every writing project.

My current deadline? April 15 to finish writing my WIP. Use May to edit manuscripts and get them submitted. Use June to edit that 3-book set.

Then start writing another 3-book set.

You heard it here first: April 15. Tax day. Deadline day.

I'll report in as I go.