Friday, August 14, 2015

Writing in between .... volunteering

I'm volunteering as co-chairperson for a major event coming next spring -- an annual Winter Garden Fair, which is a day of workshops and speakers for about 600 people.

Massive undertaking, to say the least. Plus we switched venues this year, so all the planning is starting from scratch.

There's lot of volunteers helping to do it all, but I'm in charge of several key parts of it. I've woken up at 3 in the morning a few times, wondering how the hell we'll get it done.

Because of that plus my Paycheck Job, a lot of other things have dropped by the wayside. Promotion: zilch. Looking for a new publisher: zilch. But I am still writing, and getting lots done on the Endless American Dream series.

So for the next few months it'll be:

Paycheck work
Event planning
everything else in between

Updates to follow