Friday, August 15, 2014

Writing in between trees

That's my office -- those windows. We were lucky. We only got grazed. Others lost a lot more than we did (my garden, mainly).

Yep. I wrote in between storm cleanup. 
big pat on the back.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Despite all distractions, I made my deadline

Go, me.

Yep, I was out of town on travel (business and personal) for 2 weeks, 2 trees fell on our house and made life miserable for a while, and I still managed to finish my manuscript in the time frame I wanted (April 17 to July 1). Okay, I finished it on July 7, but that's close enough given all that happened.

Just goes to show: set a deadline and stick to it. You never know what might happen!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Writing in between self-doubt

This spring marks the start of my 8th year in publishing. 8 years, 25 books. Not bad.

I am slowing down. I don't dive headlong into a story now. I'm averaging writing 2 or 3 books a year, and publishing 1 or 2. I'm getting tired of the promo grind because no matter what you do, it's a grind. The only way it wouldn't be a grind is if writing was my full-time job and I could devote a few hours in the day to promo. But those few free hours I have are spent on writing.

Vicious circle, right?

Where does self-doubt come in? It comes in when I look at sales. Yes, I have sales, but they're not huge and they're not enough to pay for the time and effort I'm putting out.

So do I continue or stop?

And if I stop, what will take its place?

Decisions, decisions ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writing in between procrastination

I finished my current WIP and was only 5 days off on my deadline. I blame visits from family and other volunteer work for that 5 day lapse.

It's really essential for me to set a deadline on a book,otherwise I will procrastinate. It only took me 10 books or so to figure that out.

Not sure what's next. I have 2 ideas but neither is really grabbing me. The characters aren't talking to me yet. I may switch over and work on my Sci Fi series a bit earlier than I planned. I targeted it for a re-read/research in June with writing to start in July. I may slip it in earlier.

Or I'll just continue my research for the 2 books and then switch.

Or ... maybe I'll take a break.

Who knows?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Writing in between ... moving ... again?

About this time in 2011, we put our house in MN up for sale. Long story short: it sold immediately, but we didn't close until July. After that, it was a nightmare of litigation that got resolved in 2013 (long story, best told over a drink in a bar).

Now here we are, 2014, and we're considering putting our house in IA up for sale to move to a different place in Iowa.

Why this madness? Several reasons: the new place would be closer for hubby to commute (like, within walking distance of his new office); cheaper; maintenance provided (I am getting older, despite rumors to the contrary); less work to maintain the home; newer home.

LOTS of things have to fall into place to make this happen, but there's a chance that yes, I may be packing it up and moving it all again. I've moved 30 times in my life, so this is not a biggie for me, but it is a PITA and will cut into my writing time.

So stay tuned. I maybe Writing In Between a big shift in my life.

We shall see....