Saturday, November 14, 2015


You know about Churn, right?

That's when Stuff piles up and churns around and just gets in your way. I had a lot of Churn this week. The Paycheck job has a few tasks and processes that are amazingly error-prone. I spent all of Monday answering email and trying to straighten out a mess that should have really been straightforward.

Then in mid-week I found out that a person I'm working with on a Major Volunteer Event resigned, leaving me holding the bag. No word to me, no word to the committee we formed--just "I'm done. Good-bye."


I'm writing in the middle of Churn, but -- and this is important -- I AM writing! I have real hopes that I'll finish another book by the end of this year. It's all a matter of chunking up my time and knuckling down when I get those free moments.

So let's hear it for Churn -- and an end to it soon, I hope...