Monday, June 11, 2012

The Book List

I am too busy to read for enjoyment any more.

There. I've said it. I'm an author who doesn't read fiction. Truth be told, a lot of the enjoyment has gone out of fiction reading because I find myself critiquing the book, or I skim it to see where the plot is going, or I wonder how the hell that author managed to sell the book and hit a best-seller list (grr).

So I've been keeping a list of books to read when I quit writing. Yes, I assume that day will come, when I lay down my pen and say "that's it." I used to feel bad about how BIG that list has become (it's long, people. Really long). I always had a vague feeling that I should be making an attempt to read those books and stay current.

Then I had an epiphany. Seriously.

I remember when my mother was in her final years, a lot of activity had been removed from her because of physical problems. All that really remained was reading and television.

VOILA! I will have a never-ending list of books to read when that time comes, when I can no longer golf or go for long walks or type or whatever.

RELIEF. Seriously, RELIEF.

Now my only question: do I buy the books now (so I have them on hand) or do I hope they'll still be available either digitally or print when that time comes, 20 or so years from now (I hope!)